Coming Soon on the JFK Parkinson’s Website

PD does not DEFINE us – The “Get to Know Us” Section of the website is
ready and waiting to contain information about YOU! Send us your name, the
town you live in andtell us your volunteering pursuits, interesting hobby, little known fact or accomplishment that makes you proud and keeps you sane!
• Your Parkinson’s Care Team (Arrived – see PD Basics)
• Parkinson’s and Nutrition (Arrived – see PD Basics)
• Dance for PD
• Drum Circles and Music
• Completion of the Index (Arrived – see Where Can I Find it?)
• Glossary of PD terms (Under Construction)
• More Doctors’ Corner Articles
• Website News & Tidbits
• What would you like to see on the website? – Contact us with your ideas and