JFK Mentor Mentee Program


What does everyone diagnosed with Parkinson’s have in common? All of us started with a symptom or symptoms that led us to a doctor; we received our diagnosis; and then we asked, WHAT’S NEXT?

Do you remember how you felt back then? Were you fearful? Angry? Confused? In Denial? Maybe you still have some of these feelings. Did you wish you had a friend or confidante—someone else who had PD—who could help you move forward and cope with the maze of information about treatments, medications, and resources available?

JFK began its first-ever PARKINSON’S MENTORING PROGRAM! We’ll be looking to enroll enthusiastic, positive individuals who have already started their journey in the world of Parkinson’s Disease—and pair them with Newly-Diagnosed JFK patients or those who are simply seeking additional support as they navigate their way around the JFK care and treatment campus.

Who is qualified to be a mentor?
We’re looking for existing PwPs who are able and willing to:
Provide information about JFK and it’s various PD programs
Provide resources about the Parkinson’s Foundation and other sources of valuable
information about PD
Listen to a new patient’s concerns and provide empathy and encouragement
Share personal experiences about their own journey with Parkinson’s Disease
Promote positive behavior by setting a good example
Be willing to laugh, look on the bright side, and remember to be grateful for everything that’s good in life, including new treatments and medications on the horizon.

If you fit this profile and are willing to become a PD Mentor, contact Donna Mastropolo (dmastropolo@yahoo.com), Program Coordinator.

Who is qualified to be a mentee?
If you have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and believe you would benefit from a little guidance from someone who is familiar with what you are going through physically or emotionally, you are the perfect candidate to be a mentee or a learner. Learning the ropes of a complex disease can be a daunting experience to anyone who is adjusting to
and accepting their diagnosis. It’s so much easier to overcome the challenges you will face when you have someone you can call to compare notes and ask questions. Being prepared for your journey can significantly improve your quality of life. You don’t need to go it alone!

If you fit this profile and wish to become a Mentee, contact Donna Mastropolo (dmastropolo@yahoo.com), Program Coordinator.

Stay Safe and Keep Moving!
John Kolaya
JFK Parkinson’s Patient Advocate
Parkinson’s Foundation Aware in Care Ambassador
(914) 837-6910
Program Coordinator – Donna Mastropolo, dmastropolo@yahoo.com
Asst. Program Coordinator – Daniel Greenberg, grynberg.daniel@gmail.com
Parkinson’s Patient Advisory Council – John Kolaya, Chairperson (914) 837-6910, jkolaya@aol.com
Clinical Advisor – Roger Rossi, D.O., (732) 321-7070, roger.rossi@hmhn.org