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You’re in for a real treat TODAY, Thursday, June 22nd at 5:00 pm.  Dr. Natalie Schultz-Kahwaty, Director of the Rutgers Dance for Parkinson’s & Neuromuscular Conditions Program, will motivate you through ‘adaptive’ dance.  Using a combination of dance and meditation, she will also teach us how to reduce stress in our daily lives.

Dr. Natalie Schultz-Kahwaty’s Bio

Natalie has had the opportunity to teach dance and fitness in some form over the past 30 years. She has been an Adjunct Professor, a Dance Teacher, and a Fitness Instructor for young children, young adults, and older adults. After completing her doctoral studies in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior and becoming certified through Dance for PD® Natalie was inspired to redesign classes for people who cannot get on the floor or stand for an hour class because they have various physical limitations. These classes offer adaptations to move in a chair supportively, while dancing. From this exploration in offering supported movement Natalie wrote the course Adaptive Movement Through Dance from her experience in working with many populations that have trouble moving, specifically with those who have Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Brain Disorders, and Autism. She began teaching this course at Rutgers University in the Spring 2020. She also wrote the course Neuroscience in Partnership with Dance designed to teach consciousness of movement and how the brain communicates with the body. Natalie is the Director of the Rutgers Dance for Parkinson’s & Neuromuscular Conditions Program, offering the class on Saturdays in person and online to keep people moving from their home. In Spring of 2022, she began teaching dance classes specifically designed for neurodivergent adults. Her true passion is teaching people how wonderful dance can be to motivate everyone she meets to keep moving.


Description of Presentation:

Reducing Stress Using Meditation & Dance

This presentation is designed to teach people how to teach themselves how to meditate to help reduce stress and use dance as a form of exercise to help keep you moving and motivated. Meditation sounds so simple to do but can be very difficult to accomplish. I will give you the tools to learn how to use meditation so that it can benefit each of us individually and show you how dance can be for everyone if you try it with an open mind. Learning is enlightening, so I will also be giving you many sources for you to explore the topics of meditation and dance on your own if I am unable to convince you about their benefits in this hour-long combination of lecture, slides, and demos. Everyone will receive the Power Point presentation and ways to contact me for future questions.


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This program is supported by a Community Grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation and funds from the Kenneth Aidekman Family Foundation.


Natalie Schultz-Kahwaty, PhD

Director of the Rutgers Dance for Parkinson’s and Neuromuscular Conditions



Live, Laugh, and Dance 



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